Solutions for small business based on Asterisk IP PBX

Call Center PictureOpen Source comes to our life and stays, often unnoticed. First was the WEB when Apache server became a standard web server and now accounts for 60% of web servers around the world. Now is the time for telephony where Asterisk becomes widely used.

Very well designed and developed Asterisk finds its place in small and medium business. It opens exciting opportunities by offering simple yet powerful interface. The option I like most is the ability to organize conference calls.

Asterisk also gives a way to be integrated with other software products. Connecting Asterisk with CRM software gives the ease of answering calls, making calls and campaigns. Connecting Asterisk with HelpDesk, ticketing systems makes it easier to accept and create tickets, to classify tickets, to track tickets.
Asterisk gives great option of seamlessly connecting branch offices to headquarters utilizing Internet connection instead of loading phone lines.

Asterisk gives great option for remote home office workers and travelers who can connect to office phone line and feel like inside the office. Asterisk is able to ring several extensions belonging to one person so call will be answered.

Whole office can be connected to the world in one day, so flexible and reliable Asterisk project is.

Combine it with other software like ViciDial and you have fully functional Call Center with inbound and outbound options.

Following options describe possible solutions based on open source projects:

  • Solution based on Open Source project " Elastix" that includes following well integrated components:
    • CentOS (Linux flavor)
    • Asterisk
    • FreePBX
    • Apache WEB Server
    • WEB based SugarCRM
    • WEB based vTigerCRM
    • CallCenter module
    • FAX functionality
    • more information can be found here

  • Solution based on AsteriskNOW from Digium
    • Asterisk
    • SIPStation VoIP provider
    • FreePBX
    • FAX from Digium

  • Solution for long distance, budget calling
    • Skype

  • Solution for outbound calling, Call Center Management
    • ViciDial

  • Integration with Customer Relationships Management (CRM) systems, Ticketing systems:
  • Ongoing and finished projects
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