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Genesys based solutions.

  • Create your Call Center solution based on Genesys SIP Server
  • Provide 24/7 phone service
  • Use your existing PBX and integrate with Genesys
  • Integrate Voice with Chat and Email under Genesys routing
  • Add Genesys Outbound Voice solution and Outbound SMS solution
  • Integrate your solution with external/Third Party IVR Services - Interactions, FDVS or Genesys native GVP solution
  • Integrate third party Desktop Sharing and other solutions with Genesys
  • Integrate your solution with existing CRM application
  • Build your own Agent Desktop application or use GAD solution from Genesys
  • Monitor realtime metrics in CCPulse or custom built application
  • Build your own analytics application based on ICON data
  • Integrate your solution with third party WFM application via GPlus Adaptor application
  • Create custom tools to manage Agent Skills, Agent information
  • Build custom application connected to Genesys in real time
  • Test your solution periodically with LoadTest, confirm functionality and maximum load

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