Recent projects.

  1. Call Center PictureCompany just moved to new office. Installed Asterisk and 10 Polycom phones. Subscribed for 15 new phone numbers (DIDs) under SIP protocol. All DIDs from one provider - SIP Station. Also connected Skype account to make calls to Alaska and Hawaii and for international calls. Receiving Faxes via Asterisk. No wired phone lines at all.
  2. Company used to have 3 phone lines from local telephone provider. Installed Asterisk server and connected all 3 lines to Asterisk to optimise land line usage. Setup 10 internal extensions for each employee and conference rooms.
  3. Company operates one branch office in another city (another area code). Installed two Asterisk systems and connected them via Internet. Connected existing landlines to the Asterisk systems. Company optimized calling between offices and optimized long distance calls by moving each call to the office with lower long distance rate.


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