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Genesys based solutions. What to dream for.

Create your Call Center solution based solely on Genesys SIP Server or utilizing your existing PBX/Switch

  • Manage inbound voice calls
  • Discover call intent using Genesys native GVP solution or third party OnPremises or external solution like Interactions, FDVS, Nuance, etc.
  • Use smart routing to utilize your workforce at all geo locations, provide 24/7 call center operations
  • Add Outbound capability to manage scheduled calls, callbacks, manage queues by letting customers stay offline while waiting for available Agent, dial out to customer once Agent is available


Utilize modern and upcoming communications technologies using Genesys MultiMedia solution:

  • Manage user chats the same way you manage voice calls
  • Genesys can manage several chat sessions per Agent, depending on individual Agent settings
  • Manage user emails the same way you manage voice calls/chats
  • Utilize SMS for quick customer notifications


Integrate third party Desktop Sharing solution with Genesys

  • Let your customers see what you are doing
  • Let your customers show what they experience


Integrate your solution with existing CRM application

  • Pull up customer information quickly based on CallerID
  • Pull up customer information quickly based on already gathered information (Order #, CaseID, Membership ID)
  • Automatically log customer calls to CRM


Build your own Agent Desktop application or use GAD solution from Genesys

  • Present customer information to Agent in most comfortable way
  • Integrate phone functionality into the Agent Desktop or CRM screen
  • Integrate chat/email/SMS functionality into the Agent Desktop application


Monitor realtime metrics in CCPulse or custom built application

  • Allow CallCenter managers monitor Operations using Genesys provided CCPulse application
  • At some point it worth to build your own monitoring application and present data in more comfortable and readable way, decrease network traffic caused by CCPulse


Build your own analytics application based on ICON data

  • ICON database provides useful information
  • Collect ICON data and use it in custom built application to analyze:
  • how effective skills are defined
  • how effective the Call Intent Detection application
  • how effective the Knowledge Base and CRM while serving customers
  • analyze AB testing results
  • create forecasts for upcoming events based on historical data


Integrate your solution with third party WFM application

  • use GPlus Adaptor application to feed Genesys data directly into WFM application
  • Create custom tools to automatically manage Agent Skills, Agent information based on training taken
  • Create custom tools for managers to better and safer manage Agent information, embed cross checking into the tool code


Test your solution periodically with LoadTest, confirm functionality and maximum load

  • Perform periodical testing for particular components as well as Call Center solution as a whole
  • Involve third party load providers (Cyara, Hummer) for voice as well as chat
  • Configure third party load provider for daily health checks for particular components
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